Nov 03

Collection of the best multimeter for measruing at home

At home, there have been many electric appliances neesing to be measured the voltage, which can help  to assess or evaluate the  effective use. In this writing, we will provide you inforamtion about some kind of multimeter, so you can find the best multimeter here and decide to buy one for your house.

  1. The digital multimeter 3256-50/ 3257-50

The method of measuring the average value, simply tracking the rotating direction voltage by placing a clock close the covering cable electric proof. Protecting the overloaded electricity up to 600V for every function of measuring(function  V, Ω up to 1000V)

The type of multimeter True RMS, the function of measuring with the rate of duty ratio used for analysed the duty signals. Protecting the overloaded power up to 1000V for every function of measuring.

  1. The digital multimeter 3237/ 3237-01

The multimeter measurement placed on the table with the kit of comparison of high speed and high exact: Function and medoel simple and plain. The kit of comparison with high speed 3.3ms for using with the production electricity line. The function of comparison has the output connecting with the kit of comparison with the outputs connecting with the kit of drawing the data, beat sound, or presnet through the led. Connecting RS-232C and I/O to control from outside, communicating with GP-IB (với model -01)

  1. The digital multimeter (DMM) 3238/3238-01

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  1. The digital multimeter 3239/3239-01

You finished your writing enough 3 parts ( introduction, body and conclusion) . Your introduction is fine. Besides, you should extend your content of the body. For example : which is the peak in this period, mention more specifically about the level of rising and decreasing. You can also chose the solar cell mode to use the power directly from the solar cell, to extend the age of battery. There are 2 types of this device with different voltage: CAT III (600V) and CAT IV (300V). Both quiet small, convinient and easy to use.

Electronic multifunction watch no. 3244-60: Quiet small. With a size of a cell phone, thin less than 1cm. Really good tangerial with 15mm long pole, cover by gold (gold is the metal with lowest resistance). Thick 9.5 mm (0.37 inc) and weight 60 g (2.1 oz). Automatic selection measurement frequency, save energy. Overload protector (fuse) up to 500V with resistant measurement and short circuit.

Electronic multifunction watch no.3255-50: Easy at measure electric intensity with sensor pincers. Made with a resistant to limit the electric intensity, overload protector up to 1000 V from short circuit. Measurement polarize to avoid inverse pole connection. Protective shell against dust, water resist (IP54). Be able to measure the alternating current if add a measurement pincer.

Safety electronic multifuntion watch 3258: This device work really safe because there is no directly contact area pole your hand can be touch. You can measure the voltage value of the wire even with the protective shell. This watch also very useful when measure the voltage of conversion or metal connector. This device work best with voltage at 400V AC (alternating current)

Electronic multifunction watch no.3030-10: Basic measurement device with common function, safety ability was improve (20 kΩ/V). Advance protective shell made from carbon fiber. It has design to absorb shock, impact when falling from 1meter high to concrete deck. This device can check LED, bettery, measure the temperate if add a suitable tool.

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