Nov 07

How to use and maintain a belt sander effectively?

A belt sander is always necessary tool that handle all wood tasks and provide people smooth products such as table, chair, shelve and the other furniture. Especially, you will definitely get good achievements and save your time while you work with a belt sander. So please do not wait, just search for your favorite unit and purchase it as a useful tool in your house

There are many good belt sander reviews on the internet that you can base on them to get a lot of useful information to select a suitable belt sander easily. But a big question asked by all most people is the methods to use this wooding tool effectively and maintain it for long term use. You will get the answer immediately after taking a look at the details listed below

  • Tips to use a belt sander effectively and avoid accidents:

A belt sander is surely a useful for wood working both in home tasks and outdoor construction, with modern feature and flexibility, this tools is preferred b many  people in many particular occasion. However, you should know the ways to use this tool effectively an safely, because some dangerous accidents can happen and injure yourself though working process. There are some tips listed below to provide yo basic know ledge about using and keep yourself in safe condition as well as possible

  • Keep the material you are working with on a flat and firm surface first such as a bench or a saw table. This tips can help you to work easily and create smooth product after sanding process. You will avoid some difficult occasions that affect your achievement badly
  • For safety, you need to make sure that the material is already hold and blocked carefully on a table, which can not role or glide on surface. Because the belt sander always work with powerful speed and not sticking your material firmly on surface is a big mistakes
  • Remember to wear protected suit before take part in your wood tasks, a face mask, gloves, eye protectors are necessary things that can always keep you in safe condition totally
  • The most important factor while you work with a belt sander is checking its on/off button carefully. The machine must be turn off already before connecting to electric source. All carpenters have to remember this rule, always and always, if the button is “ON” before plug in electric source it can burn accidentally and injure workers
  • To achieve smooth surface, you need to hold the belt sander tightly in your hands and move it slowly from left to right. You should be patient because this step need to be done again and again to handle with specific details on wood surface
  • You have to set up suitable speed and control it though working process. Each task need different speed level from slow to fast, such as sanding, remove paints and stains from material surface
  • The final step of process, you need to check all thing even though the edge of material to make sure that you already have good achievement
  • How to maintain a belt sander?

To keep your belt  sander in good condition and in long term used, you need to clean up regularly and maintain it carefully . These tips below will give you some idea to know the ways of maintain and clean up any machine, particularly belt sander. You will feel satisfied because of basic information you achieve from these tips. Let take an over view at them

  • First, you have to disconnect the electric source before cleaning the belt sander to keep yourself in safe condition
  • You should remove the dust-collector bag away from belt sander, and clean up the bag. One more thing, dust-collector bag should be cleaned totally and dry out before placing into belt sander again
  • Then, clean out all dust that stick on belt sander surface with a dry towel. And this wood tool has to be store at a suitable place such as storage room
  • Clean the other parts of belt sander with soap and moist clothes, remember to dry it out perfectly after moisture cleaning up process