Nov 04


It is obvious that almost all families have at least one mattress. The mattress helps us to have better sleep with comfort and convenience, especially in the winter. Nonetheless, in the market, there are a wide variety of mattresses, which often irritates you on the grounds that you do not know how to select a Best mattress for side sleepers for your families. Don’t worry. Just by one Click here you will see more models of good bed – ware products. In this article, we will provide you more useful information and tips about selecting mattresses.

  1. How often do you change the mattress?

As you know after a long time using, the mattress will be worn out and start to show its deterioration. And it is time for you to think of buying a new one to reduce pain in back. We recommend that for high quality mattress, you had better change it after 5 – 7 years. However, if you just buy cheap mattress, you can only use it for 2 years. You can consult more in the results of surveys of people’s health when using mattress.

If your financial conditions allow, you ought to buy a more expensive item and always keep it clean. You will be able to prolong the life span of the mattress. Such type of mattress often resists water and has air releasing holes, which protect the surface of the mattress from absorbing sweat and dead skin cells.

  1. You have to consider the size and type of mattress

If your sleep is only for you, choosing the size of the mattress is easy. If you sleep with other people, you will need to buy a large one.

In terms of mattress types, you have a lot of choices on the basis of the thickness of cotton, rubber material, cushions…. Looking in more details, we have several types of mattress as bellows:

  • Cushion mattress

Cotton cushion mattresses are designed to be suitable for the shape of your body. When your bodies move, the mattress does not have any change. This is good for people who sleep with you on the grounds that your movements do not affect them.

  • Rubber mattress

A rubber mattress is the combination of springs and cotton cushion type, bringing comfort and better sleep for users. However, this type is quite expensive.

  • Air mattress

The air is pumped into the mattress, which allows you to adjust the softness to be suitable.

Many experts say that hard mattresses are better than soft ones. However, nowadays, they advise us to choose the mattresses we feel comfortable when lying on. If you buy mattresses for people more than 40 years old, soft ones are better. At that time, the health is not as good as when they are 25 – 35 years old. Furthermore, the hardness of the mattress depends on each manufacturer so you had better assess one mattress through your comfort level.

  1. You should come to shops

You had better search the market to rank the brands and different types. The first way is to sit at home and search the internet and the second one is to come to the shop to see and try on real products. You can ask to try on several types to have different experience and you will decide the type you buy.

This is very common. People often come to the shop to appraise the material and the design. This also helps you to have more objective appraisal about the mattress.

In fact, choosing to buy mattresses is one of the most irritating tasks of every homeowner. It is like choosing to buy a car. Sometimes, it makes people feel bored and want to give up as there is too much side information and comparison between different products of different brands. To solve this problem, customers sometimes have to pay a lot of money. However, with the instructions above, we think that you will be able to clarify your demands and purchase the best ones. If you have any question about this, do not hesitate to contact us and write down your comment. We will reply you as soon as possible.