Nov 03


As you know, a drilling machine is now the indispensable equipment in almost all industries, including inventing industries, outsourcing activities, measuring and mechanical sphere. More importantly, a drill has been one common choice of a number of families who want to repair, renew or produce household simple furniture by themselves. We think that it is also a great idea to purchase a drill model skil 3320-01 which is highly appreciated for family using. Choosing a good drilling machine is the concern of many people. Of course, every person expects to buy a good one but not all of them spend time learning and searching for necessary information about it. In this article, we will give you some least basic instructions for choosing a drilling machine.

  1. Understand your demands (short – term or long – term)

The very first thing you have to do is make your demands clear. In other words, it is necessary to analyze in details your purposes, your requirements, why you need to use a drill and what criteria should be prioritized and so forth. The load of your work also has a strong impact on your making decisions to choose a suitable drilling machine.

Why should you do so? The explanation is that you should avoid some cases that you buy a multi – functional drill which has a lot of functions you do not need. You will have to pay much money for the unnecessary functions. By through analysis and consideration, you will be able to select the best appropriate product without wasting money.

For example, if you only use the drill for repairing simple and light furniture or equipment such as driving the screw, replacing the hinges, you only need to buy a drill of 6 – 7 volt. For other harder tasks, it requires a drill of larger capacity or when you have to work in high positions, you had better purchase a light drill. As you can see comprehending demands will help you purchase a suitable drilling machine and avoid money wasting.

  1. Choosing the model

In the market nowadays, there are a lot of types of drills, which requires you to have a good command of this. In fact, there is no need to understand all the types. You ought to only get information and details about some types that support your using purposes. By analyzing your requirements as the first stage, you will know exactly the type you need.  More specific, if you just use the drilling machine for repairing household appliances, a mini drill is appropriate. If you choose drills for larger scale in factories, you had better choose industrial models.

Apart from types of drills, you have to choose one of the most prestigious brands for it. Some famous brands for drilling machines you can take into consideration are Bosch, Bostitich, Dewalt, Delta, Jet, Rolair, Powermatic, Lenox, Dremel or Drill Doctor.

Furthermore, customer service is also important. You have to consider warranty and supporting services when your machines have problems.

  1. Controlling system

In terms of controlling system, you should choose some latest models that have electromagnetic controlling impact. With additional force, it will be easier for you to drill.

Moreover, you have to pay more attention to the electric power. You can select one of the two types of drills: using electric wire or using batter. For machines using battery, there are two popular types of batteries in the market: Nickel and Li – ion battery. The former type is relatively cheap, durable and rechargeable for 1000 times. However, this type should be charged more often and it contains some poisonous chemicals that need to be recycled. The later type has better energy but is more expensive.

As analyzed above, the process to choose and buy the most suitable drill type should be clarified and specified so that we will determine the most significant factors and criteria of the machine we want to buy. We think that with the information supplied, you will be more knowledgeable about it. If you have any obstacle or difficulty, you can share with us and question us. We will make every effort to help you figure out the best solutions.