Oct 30

Q and A about home improvement

Home improvement is always a concerning issue of every house wife. When women do the housework, they think it is a way to show off their love to their family members. When they do the house work and home improvement project, they always want other members in the family understand how hard and how meaningful the home improvement project is. In our website, there are a number of questions we receive from house wives all over the world. Today, in this article, I would like to help every house wife to deal with all of their wondering about home improvement and housework.

  1. How to involve husband in home improvement projects?

Even nowadays, gender equality is enhanced significantly, in family, the power of the wife is still not really tremendous in comparison with that of the husband. As a result, sometimes it happens that the housework is believed to be endowed with the wife’s responsibility. Men do not even give a damn to help women with the housework and home improvement project no matter it is their spare time. When housewives have to deal with everything on their own and see their man ignorance, it is very painful for them. They might feel like they are being left alone. This is the reason why many house wives send me the question to help them involve their husband to housework and other home improvement project. And now, there is some tips I would like to give you to help you fulfill this expectation. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 30

Useful tips for choosing the paint color in your house.

Nowadays, with the significant development of economics, the demands of people have been increasing noticeably. Moreover, they start to invest on more the material things like means of transportation, occupation. It is obvious that people have been paying attention to the appearance of their house to show respects to other and for themselves. Have you wondered which paint color is suitable for your house? Have you ever found information about paint color? In this writing, I would like to give you useful tips when you go to choose the color to paint or repaint your house.

To begin with, I would like to say that each of the paint color always has their own advantages and disadvantages as well. Choosing which color to decorate the houses somehow depends mostly on the hobby, the personal view of each person. If you know how to categorize and then choose the suitable color, you will possess your own beautiful house. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 30

Four ways to improve your house space.

Each houses, though are carefully designed, cannot avoid some flaws, which are mostly due to objective factors. A scientific interior arrangement comes from furnishing, painting or suitable materials, which will improve somewhat for these issues.

Here are 4 ways to improve interior of a house:

  1. Small spaces:

When designing the interior of the rooms of decorative lights in the interior of the rooms for small apartments, we should create a major transportation route, so we can go through to all areas of your home without being obstructed by furniture or bookshelf. You should also take advantage of the dead corner to create the storage or mini space to work. Preferably, a ​​modest house should be designed in layout style, which living room, dining room and kitchen together in a space. Read the rest of this entry »

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