Oct 30

Q and A about home improvement

Home improvement is always a concerning issue of every house wife. When women do the housework, they think it is a way to show off their love to their family members. When they do the house work and home improvement project, they always want other members in the family understand how hard and how meaningful the home improvement project is. In our website, there are a number of questions we receive from house wives all over the world. Today, in this article, I would like to help every house wife to deal with all of their wondering about home improvement and housework.

  1. How to involve husband in home improvement projects?

Even nowadays, gender equality is enhanced significantly, in family, the power of the wife is still not really tremendous in comparison with that of the husband. As a result, sometimes it happens that the housework is believed to be endowed with the wife’s responsibility. Men do not even give a damn to help women with the housework and home improvement project no matter it is their spare time. When housewives have to deal with everything on their own and see their man ignorance, it is very painful for them. They might feel like they are being left alone. This is the reason why many house wives send me the question to help them involve their husband to housework and other home improvement project. And now, there is some tips I would like to give you to help you fulfill this expectation.

  • Confess to him: what do I mean by confess? I mean you to tell the truth what you are thinking to him. If he never knows how you feel about his ignorance, how he can know how to help you.
  • Let him know the home improvement project you are planning. You should let him know when and how you want to do with your house to improve it. Beforehand, you need to make your own plan of your home improvement project then you can tell him its details.
  • Compromise him with some special return if he helps you with your home improvement project. For instance, you can promise to treat him a special meal as a present if he completes the home improvement together with you.
  1. Should we encourage your children to work in our home improvement project?

Along with the first question, this question is also a debatable question in our website. It is argued that parents should not involve their children in home improvement project. It is because of their safety. In home improvement project, if the project is related to basic and some simple tasks, it is still very dirty and able to make a lot of dust that might affect your children’s aspirator. If the home improvement is related to constructive task, it will be very dangerous. However, my answer is yes. Do you know that the encouragement of children to be involved in family project is extremely meaningful for education and memory making?

In fact, when you ask children to help you with any task, it does not mean that you can not do it by yourself. It is more like a way to let children know that you value them. More than that, from joining family work, they are educated to love labor and respect human’s achievement. Therefore, it is recommended for you to let your kid help you in home improvement project.

However, another question here is that what you should ask them to do. The task you give them should be decided depending on their strength and personal ability. There are a lot of kinds of duty suitable for your children’s ability. For instance, you can ask them to clean the window with you. When you are dealing with the high part of the window, they are able to finish lower parts. Even they give only insignificant distribution; your compliment on their helpfulness is such a great present for their innocent soul.

This is two most considerable questions in our website. We will continue with the Q and A part in other sections. You should visit our website regularly for more useful information.